The Sun



  • VS → red faced, cherubine, dancing pose
  • TM → 2 angels/children/twins (some decks male & female, others both male) playing beneath the sun, walled garden
  • outshining darkness
  • RW → shows single child (androgynous) riding white horse, youthfulness, large red flag, large sun, walled garden
  • achievement, joy, success, energy (negative: supercilious, haughty)

plant connections

  • sunflower. large, yellow, heliotropic Helianthus annuus
  • calendula. curing damaged skin, rejuvenation, picked during strongest sunlight. used medicinally in egypt, greece, medieval europe. Calendula
  • scarlet pimpernel, poor man's weather glass, heliotropic. Anagallis arvensis


  • deep yellow
  • orange
  • sky blue
  • green accents


The sun is a delicate flowering plant, whose giant yellow-orange flower grows atop a thin but resilient stem. The plant grows best in absence of other plants and animals, preferably protected by high stone walls, in its own secret garden. Once protected, the sun opens its many-layered petals and radiates heat and light, colouring the air bright orange. The bud opens one layer at the time, starting from the early morning. Each layer has differently shaped ray florets, radially spreading around a central circle of disc florets (very much like a marigold). The shapes of florets range from heart-shaped calendula-like forms, to oval of the scarlet pimpernel, to pointy sun-flower petals. The outer edge of the flower and the empty spaces between the layers flare up occasionally as solar flares do - tiny explosions of sun-pollen against a dark sky. Two pistils of each flower have a human form - small children dancing, unaware of the closeness of the burning sun. The flower is open only during daylight, retreating into its stem during night. The plant lives about 1/2 human year, from spring to autumn, after which it dies and becomes compost for its children.


note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference

major arcana

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